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Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises

These are businesses that operate at a smaller scale than larger corporations and are a crucial component of the Indian economy.

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Ola and Uber

As Uber and Ola grapple with a driver shortage in the aftermath of Covid-19,by the middle of 2020 though months of lockdowns, enforced isolation and deserted streets in the depths of the pandemic, demand for Ola and Uber services plummeted to zero.

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Plastic Recycling

There is plastic all around us. Plastic are made from materials like petrochemical. Plastic around us have an advantage and disadvantage. Plastic can cause litter and pollution in the environment. These effects can put human beings, animals and the environment in danger. Also if you do not manage plastic making a new one can be waste of resources. It is thus reasonable to recycle the plastic to prevent waste.

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